Embroidered Patch Týr - Logo

  • Embroidered Patch Týr - Logo

Embroidered patch with logo «Folk / Viking Metal» band «Týr» from Faroe Islands.

Width: 10 cm.
Height: 6 cm.

Product description: embroidery is made on a special herringbone fabric for patches and chevrons with a density of 300 g/m². This same cloth is used in Russian army. Threads have high strength and resistant color. Cloth is not constricted, to density added lining of vlies. The embroidery is high quality which made professional embroidery machine manufacturing. We offer really good quality - high quality material and high-tech embroidery machine!

Tags: Viking Metal, Folk, Týr, Tyr, Viking Metal from Faroe Islands, Folk from Faroe Islands, Faroe Islands

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