Embroidered Patch «The Black Sun»

The Black Sun - is an ancient sacral runic symbol, and is also known as a symbol of esoteric or occult significance, a type of sun wheel. The symbol's design consists of twelve converging radial Sowilo runes and two circles. There are a variety of possible meanings in the design of the spokes. Each spoke represented the Germanic Sowilo rune of the Elder Futhark, which represented the sun, energy, life and fertility. Sowilo often refers to a dynamic, strong, steadfast, and charismatic personality. Sowilo is an extremely fortunate rune. Energy, motivation, goodness attributes are referenced here. Sowilo represents an endless source of energy and brilliance. Using of the Black Sun rune helps to establish ancestral contact, unleash the potential and to achieve the life goals. The symbol also has a reverse side: if a person does not live according to his conscience, the Black Sun will burn his soul.

Attention: this runic symbol is part of the ancient history of the Scandinavian, Germanic and Slavic people. The symbol is not associated with propaganda of Nazism, fascism, racism, xenophobia and other hatred! The product is created and being sold for people who are interested in alchemy, occultism, culture, history and mythology of the ancient northern nations. The store administration does not support and is extremely disagreed with the ideas of Nazism, fascism, racism, and xenophobia! We respect the history and traditions of all peoples.

Width: 9 cm (3.54 inch)
Height: 9 cm (3.54 inch)

Product description: embroidery is made on a special herringbone fabric for patches and chevrons with a density of 300 g/m². This same cloth is used in Russian army. Threads have high strength and resistant color. Cloth is not constricted, to density added lining of vlies. The embroidery is high quality which made professional embroidery machine manufacturing. We offer really good quality - high quality material and high-tech embroidery machine!

Tags: Norse Mythology, Scandinavian Mythology, Slavic Mythology, Black Sun

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