Embroidered Hoodie A Clockwork Orange - A.C.A.B

Embroidered hoodie A Clockwork Orange - A.C.A.B.

Width: 28 cm.
Height: 22 cm.

Product description: composition hoodie 90% cotton, 10% polyester, fabric density of 320 g/m³. The hoodie is not stretched and does not shrink, the addition of polyester improves resistance to wear, the cotton is breathable, not fade in the sun. Method of applying an image - machine embroidery (can be safely washed in the washing machine on the delicate cycle, turning the hoodie inside out). Threads have high strength and resistant color. Cloth is not constricted, to density added lining of vlies. The embroidery is high quality which made professional embroidery machine manufacturing. We offer really good quality - high quality material and high-tech embroidery machine!

Tags: Clockwork Orange, A.C.A.B

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